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CodeCritical Game


Join the team and experience real hospital drama. 

CodeCritical immerses you in the rough and tumble world of real life problems involving authentic characters wrestling with high-tech medical equipment and patients requiring critical care.  View Images.

CodeCritical runs through 15 missions that will be sequentially unlocked based on your successful progress.

  • "Prologue: Medical Pavilion"
  • "Introduction: Meet Your Big Boss"
  • "Mission 1: Need Some Help Over Here"
  • "Mission 2: One Dozen Please"
  • "Mission 3: Microchip Medicine"
  • "Coffee Break 1"
  • "Mission 4: The Pressure is On"
  • "Mission 5: Blow Hard"
  • "Mission 6: Set Me Up"
  • "Coffee Break 2"
  • "Mission 7: You're Too Demanding"
  • "Mission 8: Nice Curve"
  • "Mission 9: Watch your P's and Q's"
  • "Coffee Break 3"
  • "Mission 10: Tiny Sparks"
  • "Mission 11: Fine Tuning"
  • "Mission 12: Depression Watch"
  • "Coffee Break 4"
  • "Mission 13: The Runs"
  • "Mission 14: Oops Flatline"
  • "Mission 15: Back From the Abyss"
  • "Endlude: Thank You"

Download the game now and start making a difference in healthcare.  As you progress, your career will be playfully ranked from a biomedical technician, to a nurse, and then on to an MD and beyond.  Do you have what it takes to make it all the way to the rank of Guru? 

CodeCritical is a combination of a medical software simulation and an entertaining PC game.  High tech medical equipment is simulated  to a high level of fidelity.  For example, the physiologic monitor has complete alarms including arrhythmia alarms and ST analysis and trending features.  The crash-cart style defibrillator includes a non-invasive pacemaker and controls for the defibs ECG display such as sweep time and amplitude.  The AED has voice and visual prompts.  The patient view window will show pulse and breathing indicators and what type of leads and probes are currently connected to the patient.  The patients physiologic condition can be controlled to a high degree.  This includes setting his ECG morphology, heart rate, perfusion index, pacing thresholds, and many more settings.  The system works as a whole in that for example, the patient can be given atrial fibrillation and then you can use the defibrillator to cardiovert him and restore a normal rhythm. 


CodeCritical fosters expertise with critical care technologies and concepts.  View patient parameter presentations in a realistic simulated clinical format instead of a textbook image.  With CodeCritical you finally have a realistic medical video game simulation that is also i deal for instructional presentations and demonstrations, or for self-paced learning.

CodeCritical operates in three modes: Game, Free Play, and Scenario modes.

Embark on an entertaining romp through a gritty hospital as you help fellow clinicians with technical and medical problems.  With each mission completed you progress from a green biomedical technician to an acclaimed medical guru.  

Stuck on a mission?  Check our walkthrough and get the scoop.


System Requirements


    Operating Systems:  Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 with Internet Explorer 4.01 or higher.

    CPU: 1.6 GHz, 384 MB Ram or higher

    Designed for 800 by 600 pixels display setting or higher.



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